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Free Property Assessment

Partnering with Short Rentals enables you to enjoy the benefits of short term property management, without the time and hassle.  Your property will be well cared for and we guarantee we will be the best property managers you ever worked with.

Evaluating whether we are a good fit for your property and whether your property works for us is a simple four step process:

Step 1

Property Assessment

We need to assess your property to see if it will work for both of us on the short-stay market. We have our own software and detailed evaluation process to establish if your property will work.  This assessment involves assessment against our unique 19 point property evaluation criteria.

So we start by assessing your property based on its location, the style of property it is and any photos you can show us.

Free Property Assessment

Step 2


Having passed Step 1, we need to inspect your property. We have people in all major cities in Australia who can inspect and confirm your property’s potential.

Step 3


We need to photograph your property and market it appropriately. Through experience with literally thousands of properties we know how important presentation is and we ensure that we get this right to make your property a success.
Its important to start earning immediately. So we’ll be making sure your property puts its best foot forward in terms of immediate success.

Our marketing efforts are then ongoing. We spend hours every week analyzing forward bookings, fine-tuning the variables, assessing occupancy and revenue statistics and lots of other variables to ensure your property continues to be amongst the most successful on the short-stay market.

Our properties are always in the top 5% of performers, often in the top 1% and we aim to be that way with yours.

Step 4


This is where you start earning. With everything ready, you start making money out of your property.

This is where we do all the work and you get the income. Managing short-stay properties is time-consuming. But we do that part for you. Your job is simply to earn income and enjoy the benefits.

We have a dedicated property manager who will work for you. We take care of everything. We manage your property efficiently, we are always open to discussions with you and we will report to you regularly.

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