Our Locations

While we operate Australia-wide, here’s some of our popular locations:


Sydney can be the most lucrative market in Australia to host short-term stays.


There is plenty of demand in Melbourne and we’re always looking for good quality CBD apartments.


Its cheaper to buy and rent in Adelaide but not much cheaper to short-term stay. You do the math on that!

Gold Coast

Australia’s tourist playground for Australian and international guests.  Its perfect for short-term letting.

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is growing in terms of health, education and tourism.  Short stay income potential is huge.


In certain pockets Cairns can be a great location for short stay letting.


Brisbane’s climate irons out the seasonal fluctuations that many other cities have. Its very consistent.


Perth is such a long way from anywhere, visitors need to stay longer.  This makes it lucrative.


Like Adelaide the margins/returns can be very good in Hobart.


High tariffs and high demand typify Canberra.  Even the government uses Airbnb.


The tourism potential of Australia’s northerly most city just keeps growing every year.


Newcastle and parts of the Hunter valley are great for short term management. Great returns and less seasonal than many locations.

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