When they are well managed our experience is quite the reverse.

Given the choice a landlord faces between a permanent tenant and short-term guests, consider the following.

Short term guests, staying for just a few days tend to use the kitchen less, they eat out.  They use the laundry and water less, the tend to wash clothes when they get home, and they tend to use the  dishwasher less as they eat out more and eat more basic meals at home.

When professionally managed, eg by the property management team at Short Rentals short stay guests also are vetted on the following policies:

  • No smoking anywhere on the property
  • No parties
  • No pets

In addition all have government issued identification, and if they don’t pay up front, they can’t book.

And the icing on the cake, at every changeover, usually around twice a week the property is professionally and meticulously cleaned, to the standard of a five star hotel.  Try finding a permanent tenant who will do that.

Compare this with permanent tenants who:

  • Often don’t clean much
  • May get behind with their rent (and there is sometimes very little you can do about it)
  • Use your facilities such as kitchen and laundry a lot more.

In fact we can show you buildings, in our home town on the Gold Coast, professional expensive, new beachfront buildings  where there are permanent guests in one apartment and holiday guests in another apartment and after only one year there is considerably more wear and tear on the permanently let property.

All in all its quite surprising to many, but holiday let properties, if professionally managed properly, like by Short Rentals, are maintained much better than permanently let properties.